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Epygi's headquarters is in Plano, Texas, America, where all of our sales, marketing, executive development and manufacturing takes place. In 2000, Epygi Technologies was one of the first IP PBX manufacturers for the small to medium-sized business market. Since then, we have continued to be a leader in the telephony industry. Epygi, a worldwide provider of award-winning IP PBXs and Gateways, was founded with the idea that every company, regardless of their size, should have the opportunity to own the latest in feature-rich and economically-priced VoIP technology.

Epygi Technologies' products provide economical options that do not compromise on quality. We believe that whether your company is made up of one or 1,000 people, we can provide you with a dependable PBX or Gateway. With such reasonable prices, it's hard to believe the multitude of features that are available in one compact appliance, and the best part is, there are no hidden costs.


Integrated Conference Bridge with Logger:

Licensing based on port requirements:

Features Include:

Video Bridge-First Time as an Embedded Feature

  • High Definition Audio/Video
  • Software Enabled
  • Simple and Cost Effective
  • Up to 104 Video Party Bridge
  • Automatic/Manual Video Switching
  • Audio Recording
  • Web Management GUI

Call Recording New Capability:

SIP call recording is available on the Quadro M IP PBX products and can be stored locally or on a remote server and can go up to 152 Ports Simultaneously.

Why It Matters:

A powerful feature allowing the system to record all calls made from and to the extensions of the PBX. This allows a user to record selected calls both automatically and by special request from the Web GUI or directly from the phone. The recordings could be stored either on the device itself (and be reviewed on the Quadro) or be uploaded to an external file storage for further processing. Call Recording is a purchasable feature priced per recording port.

Auto Dialer:

Allows users the ability to automate daily calls to customers by placing the outbound calls directly to their clients through scheduled prerecorded messages. 

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD):

New Capability:

Call Center environments are now able to configure smart call queuing and call handling.

Why It Matters:

Standard hunt groups and simultaneous call distributionvare not sufficient for the demands of true call center environments. Advanced methods of call distribution are required, such as Skills Based Routing or Least Active Agent. Grouping of the agents is also a key advantage, allowing call centers to logically group resources together to clearly define responsibilities and expertise of the agents.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ACD Group Features:

Multiple Agent Groups

can be created to direct calls to the Agents with the correct skills to help the caller.

Call Distribution Types:

  • All Agent Ringing- Rings all Agents simultaneously
  • Round Robin- Sequentially tries to reach one Agent at a time
  • Longest Idle- Call is sent to the Agent who has been idle the longest since their last call
  • Less Busy During Last Half Hour- Averaged over the last 30 mins. the Agent that has been less busy will receive the call
  • Random Hunting- The Agents are selected at random
  • Skills- The Agent who has the highest composite skill grade will receive the call

Zero Out:

Callers can be given the option to dial "0" and be redirected.


Callers can be redirected to another extension or ACD Group if the call is not answered in the defined time.

Welcome Message:

Presented to the caller when they first enter the ACD queue.

Queue Message:

Presented to the caller periodically while they are waiting in the queue. User can specify the timeout to wait after each message and the number of times to repeat each message.

Callers can hear music or a customized message in between informative messages by using:

  • wav file
  • MP3 file using the Epygi Media Streamer
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): ACD Agent Features

Agents can use any phone type:

Presented to the caller periodically while they are waiting in the queue. User can specify the timeout to wait after each message and the number of times to repeat each message.

Multiple Groups:

Agents can login and receive calls for several ACD Groups.

Agent login:

Each Agent has their own password. 

  • Simplified Login: Agents can login or logout of ALL ACD Groups at once by simply dialing *83.
  • ACD Auto Attendant: The Agent dials the ACD AA and is then prompted to enter their status for each ACD Group that they are in.

Skill sets:

Each Agent can have a skill set defined for use with Skills Based Routing.

Epygi Software Applications


  • iQall is Epygi's iPhone application which allows any user of a Quadro IP PBX to establish calls between their iPhone and another number anywhere in the world.
  • If the iPhone user has a GSM plan with free incoming calls, the user will not pay any charges on the plan for outgoing calls, which greatly decreases the company's overhead expenses especially on international calls.
  • iQall communicates with the Quadro which then initiates a call to your iPhone and your destination number, connecting both together.

Microsoft Outlook © Hot Call Application

  • Free application to click to dial from Outlook Contact List
  • Connects your desk phone with destination. Rings your phone first, then rings destination
  • No need to dial numbers on phone
  • Improves efficiency
  • Can also use to answer received calls to your desk phone.
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook to allow user to make and receive calls within the native Outlook interface.
  • The free application can be used on any Epygi IP PBX running version 5.1.17 or greater.


  • HotKeyCall is a free MS Windows software application that allows PC users to dial telephone numbers directly from their desktop from any application window (e.g. web-browsers, e-mail client, text documents, etc.).
  • This can be done by simply highlighting the number you wish to dial and pressing a predefined hot key sequence (e.g. Ctrl-Y).

Desktop Communication Console (DCC)

Presence watching of other extensions 

  • Sleeker design
  • Click-to-call functionality
  • Instant Messenger integration
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call routing and call flow
  • Attendant console
  • Contact cards
  • Custom presence
  • Future enhancements include:
  • Call center agent

Epygi Media Streamer (EMS)

This feature allows the on-hold party to listen to the music streamed by the EMS playing MP3 files rather than the pre-recorded voice stored on a Quadro.

  • There is a possibility to play different streams for each extension, to play very long audio files and to allow the playlist selection to be easily changed.
  • The free application can be used on any Epygi IP PBX running version 5.1.17 or greater.

Statistics Monitoring and Reporting (SMR)

  • The Statistics Monitoring and Reporting is designed to work with the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature for the QuadroM and QX IP PBX products.
  • Windows® based tool to display real-time details on call center agents and the call activity on the QuadroM and QX products.
  • The same information can be viewed over periods of time for trend analysis.

Quadro Configuration Console (QCC):

  • The Quadro Configuration Console (QCC) is a tool that allows the administrator to centrally manage a network of Quadro units from a single desktop PC.
  • QCC functions include automatic login to Quadro Web Management, Reboot, Configuration Backup, Configuration Restore, Firmware Update, Legible Configuration File Upload, Language Pack Upload, Upload Company Details, and Upload Custom Scenario and Voice Messages.

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